Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breaking Dawn - Done With It!!!

I'm really struggling to finish the final book in the Twilight Saga, but I have come to hate werewolves. I can not get through the Jacob and werewolves chapters. I will finish, but it's going to take some time! I had plenty of time on the train the other day to read since after noon I went "dead" with passengers and had until almost 10:00pm to read, however I couldn't take any more of Bella. I will finish this book, and when I do you will all hear about it for sure!!! Also, for Jessie, I don't want Edwards Sperm if I get a child like that will be a negative on the T-shirt that say's, "I want Edwards Sperm" now I want a T-shirt that say's "I hate Werewolves". I got board, or frustrated with the book and fell asleep to the rocking of the train...apparently one of my coworkers came by and snagged a picture of me asleep...good thing I wasn't drooling - for some reason the train makes me drool when I sleep on there??? Not something I should probably admit.


Lucashell said...

So how is your running coming along? Less than 2 months?

Jessie said...

Just finish it Libby. I'm sure that you enjoyed the first part of the book, was it enough soft porn for you? haha! That picture of you asleep is a lot prettier than the one I got of you on our drive up. Maybe I should post it to embarress you. Let me know when you finish, and don't give up just yet!

Anonymous said...

Trains always make me fall asleep. Well, unless they stop all the time.