Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reasons why I shouldn't Bartend

I have recently been picking up extra shifts, all have been bartending. My first run out was fairly good. I had a few voids, but nothing major. I even ended up making a little extra money in tips - not great, but I made some extra money. However, this past run was not the best and it just confirmed to me that maybe I should just stick to tour guiding.

Reason 1: I spilt a margarita all over a woman, and the train wasn't even moving yet - WE STILL WERE SITTING IN THE DEPOT!!! To top it off the women was from another country (England, Canada, or Australia - who knows, who cares?) she was really nice about it, but the couple sitting across the table were Americans and were very rude to me about the situation. Like I meant to spill the drink on her. Besides that, I couldn't give the women the drink for free since it is an Alaska state law that you can't give alcohol away for free. This of course made the American couple even more upset. Once again I continued to apologize. Was ever so glad to get them all off the train!

Reason 2: I am Mormon, but it's not like there is a commandment that says "Thou shalt not serve Alcohol." If anything a Mormon would be the best type of bartender - think about it!

Reason 3: There are so many drinks out there, and I know none of them. Example, I am taking drink orders and come to a table with a young couple, the young man asks for a "Seven and Seven" I say to myself, "What in the hell kind of drink is that...why am I even trying to attempt to know what I'm doing as a bartender???" Luckily, I remember the guy's last night that I was staying with talking about having a "Seven and Seven." As soon as I take their order I flee off the train car and start asking all my drinking co-workers what on earth a "Seven and Seven" is. I finally find out that it's as easy as pie: Whisky and Seven Up. Actually it's a certain type of whisky, a whisky we don't have on the train. I have to go back to the man and ask if he would prefer Jack Daniels, or Canadian Club. Of course, I'm doing this all as I try to act very confident in what I'm doing. He chooses the Canadian Club. I make the drink, and apparently I do well because he had four of them!

Reason 4: Bartending makes me hate people. It has also made me realize that when someone busts their butt for you, then you make sure you tip them, and tip them well! The reason bartending has made me hate people is because I work my butt off for these people trying to keep their glasses full; all I get in return is a buck here or there, or pretty much ZERO! How can these people be like this? I wait hand and foot for these people and in return I get nothing. What A's - trying to keep it clean!!! I have learned that after working in the service industry I will take care of anyone who takes care of me!

Question: How much do you tip after about $33.00 worth of drinks/food, and as I continually keep coming back to keep your glasses full, even though you have free refills on ice tea, and I throw in some really nice conversation from time to time? Oh I would say around five dollars and that is being really nice! Try - Zero, yep, the nice people that I thought they were gave me zero...and it's pretty obvious that they could've tipped because it has a place for tips on the credit card receipt!
Well, it looks like if I ever pick up any shifts for bartending I will go out with the mind set that I'm only working for the hourly pay - because you can forget making tips off these tightwad, complaining, "I don't tip from the country I'm from," train cruising people!


Jessie said...

You made the choice to pick up some extra shifts bartending. It's your own fault. Plus you already knew that people don't tip very often.

Lucashell said...

I hate the services Buisness Sometimes.. I worked at the front desk for years and you will never meet more mean people in your life... I cried many times on my way home from work thinking how can someone treat someone else that way.

Savannah & Michael said...

let's just start pretending that we're not really in it for the money. maybe if we expect to make $0 in tips, we'll end up being pleasantly surprised. of course, the people will be "A's" no matter what, so let's expect that, too. i was very pleased by our group during that last southbound ship day, actually. they may not have tipped well, but they were nice people. maybe they think that the company we work for ~ahem~ actually pays us as much as we're worth for how much work we do. anyway, i hope you're ready for another southbound ship day because it's coming....

:) lub you libby!,