Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh, My Fellow Twilight Fans

Oh how I love my "Twilight" buddies. I want to give a shout out to Summer - my cuz, for finally reading them, and in record time for being a mom with a full time job. Within a week she is on to book three (oh how her husband Klint does not like me right now for introducing her to these wonderful books - I think he even hid the second one from her for a time...). Way to go Summer, I'm pleased with ya! I also just wanted everyone to know that there is an awesome sight called, www.hisgoldeneyes.com which has new faces that have recently been cast to play in the movie. It is probably one of my most favorite sites that I have found yet. I put it on the side in the column "my daily websites" so take a peek. Keep up the "Twilight" love! Edward and Bella FOREVER!!!


The York's said...

It true it sucks ya in! I will say it has caused conflict with my marriage my husband is jealous of a book!!!

Sydney & Logan said...

I checked out the site and everyone is PERFECT!!!! We should all go to the movie together and make a night of it!! WAHOO! Cant wait!!!

Sydney & Logan said...
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Lucashell said...

I am totally their-I want to see the movie-I really did love these books-Thanks for the update!

Lucashell said...

Can I just say you girls are all psychos! It would be nice to read posts about something other then those damn books(no offense, but not really). I feel for you Klint.


Lucashell said...

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