Monday, February 4, 2008

I have the CUTEST cousins

We (Cash and I) had a superbowl party this past Sunday - yes, I will admit that I only attended sacrement meeting...this is the first time in Libby's history of missing church because of this stupid game. Totally worth it to spend time with my family though. Lucas and Shellie (and Aunt Debbie) stopped by on their way home to SLC, so I got to spend some time with cute little Legacy - so I just wanted to show her off to the world and say what a beautiful little girl she is!!! IF some day (big if) I ever get to have children I hope I have a little girl as cute as Legacy!!! Thanks Legacy for letting me play with you! Hope I get a chance soon again!


Lucashell said...

What a freaking cute picture-I am so glad she loved being held by you-you can tell she is a social butterfly.

Angela said...

O my gosh!!!! She sure is a cutie pie!