Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So Fun, So Easy, So Cheap!

In my advanced sewing class at college - yes I know, sewing, but I'll have you know I do have to take TWO chemistry classes for my degree and the only thing getting me through it is the cute tutors at the tutoring center! Any how, we recently had to make recycled pillow cases/covers. I fell in love with this project, and I went a little bit above and beyond by making three pillows. First I went to DI and found two XL men's shirts (and a way cute skirt for me!) and cut them down to fit the pillows, had to add a decorative trim, sewed around them, and wa la I was done. Now to put the pillow in you just unbutton the shirt and slip the pillow inside. Now with the buttons showing you have a decorative pillow! I made two for my couches, and one for my bed. I don't really care for the one on my bed, that was one of my old pink dress shirts now converted into a pillow. How fun is that? I love sewing, yet ask me that in a week when I start working on my dress project - gads!!!


Lucashell said...

I am thinking I might have you make me a couple pillows-Jelouse I need to learn how to sew this year it is one of my goals

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! What a great idea! I love sewing, but I don't have a lot of time for it. But the worst is that fabric is SO expensive! That is a great way to avoid both sewing problems. I look forward to learning other fun tips from you!

Me & My BOYS said...

I totally like to sew stuff like that (when I'm in the mood). And it's way cheaper than buying them.

Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, you will never be sorry that you learned to sew. It is fun but you can decorate your home in cuter and less expensive ways and your own way, plus, it will save money when you can repair things and make them last longer.
Aunt Debbie