Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vegas Baby

I had my Christmas work party last night. It was wonderful as they always are. After dinner we played several rounds of BINGO for 30 prizes. Guess who got a BINGO towards the end...ME!!! Guess what I won! $500.00 dollars to the Bellagio Hotel. Guess who's going to Vegas Baby! I decided it was only fair to take my mom - and so her and I are going to take two nights in March to relax in a luxury suite!!! Yeah - I'm so excited!!!


Lucashell said...

I am very Jealous

Me & My BOYS said...

That's awesome! Your mom could really use a break!!!

Sydney & Logan said...

Congrats Libby, but aren't you getting a little sick of Vegas?

Ron & Debbie said...

It's great Libby. I agree with Anisa! Your Mom does deserve many breaks.