Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Family Pictures

This past Sunday evening we went and got our family picture updated. What an evening! The minute we walked out the door Cash threw up everywhere. He was out on the back patio puking all over the place, why my Dad was right behind him with the water hose trying to clean everything up. After his little spill we all loaded up in THREE cars to drive over to Bloomington Hills to an old Chevy truck to get our pictures taken. We followed our photographer (family friend) on a wild goose chase, or so it seemed. She took us on roads that were closed yet we went through any ways - my car luckily is still alive??? What a journey to get there?!?! Needless to say once we got there we had an awesome sunset, and Cash even had a smile on his face for the majority of the pictures. Can't wait to show everyone our updated family photo.


lucashell said...

Poor Cash!!!

Ron & Debbie said...

Sounds like guite the adventure! Can't wait to see them. Poor Cash and your car!!

Jessica Williams said...

Mom doesn't want us to post any family pictures until after Christmas so she can send everyone a picture before they see all of them on the blog.